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Bethany-7 Month stats

Today Bethany is 7 months old so I thought I’d post a few of her stats

She weights nearly 17 pounds and is 28 inches long.
Depending on the brand of clothing she wears 3-6 months, or 9 months. She is in size 3 diapers.

She started rolling over at 3 months.

Her first tooth showed up just before 5 months, with her 2nd one coming in a week later (the bottom front two teeth).

She sat up unassisted at 6 months.

At 6 1/2 months she started trying to pull her self up onto things.

That same week she officially started crawling.

Now teeth #3 and #4 have made their way through the gums!

She eats EVERYTHING! Anything Daniel leaves behind Bethany will eat. I know that’s dangerous, but she is a pro with her teeth!

She laughs easily and laughs a lot. She sleeps about 12-13 hours at night and takes 2 naps a day. She’s always smiling and is generally very happy. She’s very curious and extremely bright.


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A few notes about Daniel

Lately Daniel has become very aggressive towards Bethany. I don’t think he intends to hurt her, I think he’s just more interested in her as a person. She’s crawling now, pulling herself up on things, and more interesting to a toddler. She’ll climb on Daniel and they both giggle. I think Daniel believes this is his new toy. He’s constantly climbing on her, jumping on her, and tries to pick her up. He also likes to crash his trucks into her, and throw his trains at her. Obviously this is not good.

During the day Bethany naps in her swing, which is downstairs in the family room. This worked out fine when she was still a newborn, but at 7 months old, she is very curious about the world around her, and although still a great sleeper, she doesn’t sleep as soundly as before. I’ve been slowly transitioning her to nap in her crib. (She sleeps in her crib at night). Recently as Daniel has been more aggressive he’s started waking Bethany up…rocking the swing from side to side, throwing blankets on her head, or pulling her pacifier out of her mouth. My mom has been telling me I’ve got to have her sleep in her crib for all naps so that she can actually sleep without the constant interruptions from Daniel.

Today I put her down in her crib, Daniel was downstairs playing with his toys. He wondered upstairs, which I thought was fine, until I heard Bethany screaming. I ran up the stairs and found Daniel in her crib on top of her! He has never climbed into his own crib (hers is a little easier to climb!) He is really determined to get to her!

Another note on cribs, Daniel is still in one. We bought him a twin size bed (or rather, my parents bought him a bed), but with the temporary move, and still house hunting, we aren’t setting it up yet. Once we move to my parents though, Daniel will no longer be in a crib. To help with the transition, we decided to put his mattress on the floor and see how that goes. Last night was the first night of the experiment, and it went better then I thought! He does move around a lot, and ended up on the floor (I had put down a big blanket just in case this happened). I was able to put him back on the mattress without waking him up.

When he woke up this morning, I was in the kitchen when he came down the stairs. He seemed VERY excited that he was able to get himself out of bed. I’m just glad we didn’t wake up to him climbing in our bed or falling down the stairs!

I just put him down for a nap on the mattress. Hopefully he’ll stay there for a couple hours!

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We’ve made the decision to buy a house! But we haven’t yet found a house to buy. Our lease ends August 9th, and we did not renew. We’re temporarily moving in with my parents (3 weeks, 3 months…who knows?)until we find a house.

My house is a disaster, and the 4th being a holiday, my house cleaners didn’t come. We have people coming tomorrow at 1 to look at the house. And yet, here I sit, browsing the internet, considering going to bed early, and my house isn’t getting any cleaner. (I DID clean it this morning, but I have a toddler, nothing stays clean long. At least the dishes got washed!)

Yorba Linda–I’m coming home!

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