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Potty Training!

Just yesterday morning I was sighing at the thought of potty training Daniel. I have no clue where to start, but I want it done soon!

Daniel woke up from his nap yesterday, but I was finishing up a few phone calls for a temp job I am doing from home right now. I knew waiting to get him up (he still sleeps in a crib) would mean he would probably take his diaper off, and if he did that, he would probably pee in his crib.

When I got him up, he was butt naked as predicted, I tried to put a diaper on him, but he ran away yelling “pee! Pee!”

He ran straight to the bathroom, flipped the toilet seat up, and peed in the toilet! All by himself!

He did that twice last night, so far no luck today! Oh well, baby steps!


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She rolled!

Bethany rolled over for the first time last night! She was on her tummy and fussy, and rolled onto her back. So of course I kept putting her back on her tummy to watch her roll back over!

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Trying to keep up!

I’ve obviously been terrible at keeping up with my blog, but I’m going to attempt to post weekly!

Bethany Lynn was born December 8, 2007, and she is beautiful! Daniel is still adjusting to being an older brother, but things are working out.

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