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Happy Birthday…to Me

My 25th birthday wasn’t exactly a lot of fun. My day started off with a phone call to my doctors office. They told me to come right in.

I had an ultrasound, only to find out that there is still retained tissue left over from my d&c. 40 days post d&c, and I am still bleeding. I was prescribed Methergine, which will hopefully force my body into miscarriage, which was what the d&c was supposed to take care of in the first place. I have another ultrasound scheduled for the 2nd, and if there is still tissue, I will be scheduled for another d&c. (Happy New year to me too!)

I was able to fit in a 20 minute nap around 2:30 today, then got up to do a semi-clean up of my house, then get myself ready for dinner. Dan took me to the Melting Pot, which is a fondue restaurant I’ve wanted to try for months. It was absolutely delicious. Especially the dessert part! I just ordered good old fashion milk chocolate fondue, but I loved every second of it! For dipping, they provided strawberries, pound cake, bananas, pineapple, brownies, and marshmallows. My favorite was the pound cake.

On the drive home Dan asked “you’re going to go home and eat M&M’s, aren’t you?” I just looked at him and smiled. Maybe my 25th birthday was lots of fun after all.

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My Growing boy!

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Quick Update

Today is Christmas Eve and just about an hour ago (at 6 pm) I finished wrapping all the gifts. We only just finished our shopping this afternoon, and the stores actually weren’t as crowded today as they were yesterday!

Daniel is 13 months old, and almost walking. I’m actually thankful he isn’t yet. I keep hearing how “you never get a break once they start walking!” So for now, I’m enjoying my breaks. He has been saying “mama,” “mum,” and “mom,” for about 5 months now, but recently added “dada” to his vocabulary, and just the other day he dropped his pacifier and said “uh-oh.” For the most part he is an easy baby (or toddler I should say), but he is starting to throw tantrums every so often, and that’s not so cute. He has his own TV and DVD player which he watches Baby Einstein dvd’s on, but he seems to enjoy unplugging the dvd player from the TV, taking out the dvd, then putting everything back together, more so than actually watching the DVD’s.

Dan is still programming/coding for Stratana, and I’m still enjoying my more than full time job raising Daniel.

Now it’s time to bathe Daniel and get him to bed, we have a big day tomorrow (Christmas!) so I’ve got to wrap things up here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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