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Potty Training?

Daniel has regressed, a lot, in the potty training department. Over a year ago he decided on his own, he wanted to use the toilet. And that was fantastic. In the past 10 or so months has put up a huge fight about using the toilet, and I’m at a loss of what to do now.

I’ve researched many methods and ideas, tried punishments (for not using the toilet) and rewards (for using the toilet). The biggest issue, is that he will not tell me when he needs to go. I put him in underwear every day, but he has accidents in them. I ask him several times a day if he needs to use the toilet, and he always says no. I bought a little toilet for him, that sits in the bathroom. But he’s more interested in pushing the (never been used) toilet across our hardwood floors.

Several times a day I sit him on the toilet, talk to him in a soothing voice, and wait a few minutes. If he doesn’t pee within 3 minutes, then I try again later. Usually we have success within those 3 minutes, but this is still not successful. I want to go a day without accidents.

Daniel is now 3 and a half, so it’s time for him to use the toilet! I don’t know if he’s afraid of the toilet, or just flat out stubborn, maybe he wants to be a baby still? A combination of all of the above?

I’m open to ideas and suggestions if anyone has them?


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