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Potty Training?

Daniel has regressed, a lot, in the potty training department. Over a year ago he decided on his own, he wanted to use the toilet. And that was fantastic. In the past 10 or so months has put up a huge fight about using the toilet, and I’m at a loss of what to do now.

I’ve researched many methods and ideas, tried punishments (for not using the toilet) and rewards (for using the toilet). The biggest issue, is that he will not tell me when he needs to go. I put him in underwear every day, but he has accidents in them. I ask him several times a day if he needs to use the toilet, and he always says no. I bought a little toilet for him, that sits in the bathroom. But he’s more interested in pushing the (never been used) toilet across our hardwood floors.

Several times a day I sit him on the toilet, talk to him in a soothing voice, and wait a few minutes. If he doesn’t pee within 3 minutes, then I try again later. Usually we have success within those 3 minutes, but this is still not successful. I want to go a day without accidents.

Daniel is now 3 and a half, so it’s time for him to use the toilet! I don’t know if he’s afraid of the toilet, or just flat out stubborn, maybe he wants to be a baby still? A combination of all of the above?

I’m open to ideas and suggestions if anyone has them?


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He speaks!

After several months of wondering if/when Daniel would ever speak, he’s officially talking too much! It’s great that he can correctly name each letter of the alphabet and knows the sound most of them make. He’s starting to recognize numbers (he can say them, but we’re still working on identifying them). He’s also become super bossy to Bethany, which at first was funny, but to be honest, it’s downright annoying now. My 3 year old son is playing Mommy!

The past week he has said a few laugh worthy things that I want to share.
Last week, I pulled up in the driveway of my in-laws house, where my husband was building an armoire with the help of his dad. I had the kids, food, and sodas, so I honked the horn to signal for my husband to come help me. Daniel, rather excitedly, said “Mommy, you’re barking! Why are you barking?!?!?!”

You know it’s going to be a good day when you’re morning starts out like this; I was cutting his hair, and he turned to me and said “you clean up nice Mommy.”

Just yesterday, I was making the kids lunch, and I looked at Bethany and told her “you are such a pretty girl Bethy.” Daniel decided to join in the conversation and told me “I’m such a pretty girl Mommy.”

Daniel also loves to do housework. Especially when I do housework and he critiques me. Almost every time I vacuum, Daniel follows me around and shows me the spots I’ve missed (spots I haven’t gotten to yet). He’ll even go so far as to pick things up off the floor, and throw them where I’ve just vacuumed. Then he grabs the broom and sweeps the To-Be-Vacuumed-Spots, and quickly sweeps them into the Just-Vacuumed spots. And people wonder why it appears I never get anything done?

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Still here

I’m still alive! I’ve had one compute problem after another these past few months (and I’m married to a super nerd, how does this make sense?)

So I haven’t had much time for blogging.

Daniel turned 3 last month, Bethany is one today, and I’m 23 weeks pregnant, with Addison Ruth (that’s her name, at least for now!)

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Oh the things he says!

The other day I was outside with my kids, and Daniel was playing on the swing set. I let him play bare butt for the fun of it, and at one point I said “Daniel your butt is so cute!”

Without missing a beat he yelled back “your butt is cute!”

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Um. OK.

Daniel was sitting on my lap, and suddenly started pulling down my shirt. I said to him “that’s kind of weird Daniel. What are you doing?” In a whiny voice he responded “I want milk!”


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A few notes about Daniel

Lately Daniel has become very aggressive towards Bethany. I don’t think he intends to hurt her, I think he’s just more interested in her as a person. She’s crawling now, pulling herself up on things, and more interesting to a toddler. She’ll climb on Daniel and they both giggle. I think Daniel believes this is his new toy. He’s constantly climbing on her, jumping on her, and tries to pick her up. He also likes to crash his trucks into her, and throw his trains at her. Obviously this is not good.

During the day Bethany naps in her swing, which is downstairs in the family room. This worked out fine when she was still a newborn, but at 7 months old, she is very curious about the world around her, and although still a great sleeper, she doesn’t sleep as soundly as before. I’ve been slowly transitioning her to nap in her crib. (She sleeps in her crib at night). Recently as Daniel has been more aggressive he’s started waking Bethany up…rocking the swing from side to side, throwing blankets on her head, or pulling her pacifier out of her mouth. My mom has been telling me I’ve got to have her sleep in her crib for all naps so that she can actually sleep without the constant interruptions from Daniel.

Today I put her down in her crib, Daniel was downstairs playing with his toys. He wondered upstairs, which I thought was fine, until I heard Bethany screaming. I ran up the stairs and found Daniel in her crib on top of her! He has never climbed into his own crib (hers is a little easier to climb!) He is really determined to get to her!

Another note on cribs, Daniel is still in one. We bought him a twin size bed (or rather, my parents bought him a bed), but with the temporary move, and still house hunting, we aren’t setting it up yet. Once we move to my parents though, Daniel will no longer be in a crib. To help with the transition, we decided to put his mattress on the floor and see how that goes. Last night was the first night of the experiment, and it went better then I thought! He does move around a lot, and ended up on the floor (I had put down a big blanket just in case this happened). I was able to put him back on the mattress without waking him up.

When he woke up this morning, I was in the kitchen when he came down the stairs. He seemed VERY excited that he was able to get himself out of bed. I’m just glad we didn’t wake up to him climbing in our bed or falling down the stairs!

I just put him down for a nap on the mattress. Hopefully he’ll stay there for a couple hours!

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Potty Training!

Just yesterday morning I was sighing at the thought of potty training Daniel. I have no clue where to start, but I want it done soon!

Daniel woke up from his nap yesterday, but I was finishing up a few phone calls for a temp job I am doing from home right now. I knew waiting to get him up (he still sleeps in a crib) would mean he would probably take his diaper off, and if he did that, he would probably pee in his crib.

When I got him up, he was butt naked as predicted, I tried to put a diaper on him, but he ran away yelling “pee! Pee!”

He ran straight to the bathroom, flipped the toilet seat up, and peed in the toilet! All by himself!

He did that twice last night, so far no luck today! Oh well, baby steps!

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