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Bath Storage



Now that I have 2 toddlers, I’ve been eyeing the Boon Frog Pod. But to be honest, frogs don’t exactly fit my house decor, and I have a boy AND a girl, and the frog seemed to be more for boys, they do have a lady bug, but of course that screams girl.

Everytime I go to Target, I browse their aisles for some sort of bath toy storage, and never find what I’m looking for. I want something that looks good, but isn’t too adult, but that is convenient, affordable, and still flows with the rest of the house.

Yesterday I opened up my inbox, and had an e-mail about the newest Skip Hop product.  Tubby! A new bath organizer that’s “Soft, stretchy, and stays put!”

It comes in blue and orange. I’m partial to the blue, the kids bathroom (or guest bathroom) is done in beige/neutral colors, and the blue would compliment it nicely!


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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

I’ve been going back and forth with the idea of cloth diapering. It just seems inconvenient, but I know a few moms who cloth diaper, and they love it more than anything. So I’ve been talking with them about it, and I think I’m going to go for it.

It will be cheaper in the long run, but the upfront investment, I just do not have at this time. I like the idea of a one-size/all-in-one cloth diaper, because it works just like a disposable diaper, but you just wash it instead of throw it out. And because it’s one-size (adjustable), I wouldn’t have to worry about buying multiple sizes. There are a few accessories I’d have to buy, but overall, the savings would add up over the course of 2 or so years of a baby in cloth diapers vs. disposable.

After doing some research, I really like the idea of the All in one BumGenius Organic diapers. Now I just need to save up to buy an 18 or 24 pack!

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Blog Remodel

I’ve decided to move my blog over to wordpress, and try out some new things. I’ve had a blog for a couple years now, and lately I’ve been thinking about what I actually want in a blog.  I want my blog for the sake of easy updates for friends and family who have moved away (and those that are near, but we don’t talk as often enough), but also to share the things I love and enjoy. What are those things? The obvious is my kids. I love talking about them, they are pretty freaing adorable.

But I also just love things. Pretty thing, funny things, things that make my life easier, things I want, things that make me think, things that annoy me, anything I have an opinion about, I want, don’t want, think is a waste of time, an article I like, a thought I have, a project I’m doing, a project I want to do, arts and crafts, bettering my life…OK you get the idea! So you can expect more posts of my random finds and thoughts in the coming days!

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I can’t help but question, why several of my Christian friends, who are also parents, voted for Barack Obama.

Every night I tuck my kids in to bed, and usually check on them 3 or more times a night. Every morning I get to wake up to their sweet innocent faces, relying on me to get them food, change their diapers, give them a bath, cuddle them, play with them, and look at me like I’m their hero. Everyday I pray I get many more days with them, and that all forms of harm stay away from them.

And everyday, I want to scream at the people I know who voted for Obama. No single person will ever end abortion. But Obama is only making it easier. I NEED to know, how you can tuck your own children in at night, give them a kiss, and not think about the fact that you just voted into office someone who doesn’t care about these innocent unborn babies. Sure, he might do great and wonderful things, he might be so smart, he might have great policies, but he is HELPING to deny women a chance at this love. Whether it’s their biological child, or an adopted mother who couldn’t have children of her own. This is a man who is more than willing to deny these rights to mothers every where. And a man who is willing to deny LIFE to kids.

And it makes me sick to my stomach, that many Christian people I know, were more than happy to vote him into office.

So when you tuck your kids into bed tonight, please think about the babies YOU helped to vote out of life! And think about how much you celebrated when Obama won. And please ask yourself, “Is God happy that I’ve just voted away the lives of millions of innocent babies?”

I’m not angry, just sick to my stomach. Sick to my stomach that people I know voted for Obama, sick to my stomach that millions of babies have and will be denied a chance at life. Sick to my stomach they had to feel pain because their mothers had them killed for various reasons. Sick to my stomach that people think this is OK. I’m so thankful for the life I feel kicking inside of me. I’m sad for the 2 babies I lost before I ever got to meet them, but it was Gods choice to take them away, not mine. I didn’t have them murdered. And I certainly didn’t use the tax payers dollar to have it done.

(P.S. For the sake of brutality, I was going to post a few photos of aborted babies. But when I googled the images, I started bawling my eyes out. So I decided to spare the rest of you, even though you have no problem voting for a man who doesn’t care to spare their lives).

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More Nursery details

I’ve put together a really terrible looking collage of the details that will go into the girls room.

Girls Room

The espresso crib is what I currently have (, I also have the rocker (purhased at Walmart). I really want that Ikea dresser, because you can never have enough storage. The room will have somewhat of a bird theme, so I’m going to purchase those adorable wall decals (sold at Below is the pillow I want, and a close up of the crib bumper. I think I’ve chosen the wall color, Pucker Up, by Glidden, which is slightly lighter then the green in the crib bumper (close up below). I haven’t decided what to do for wall art yet, but I’ll probably end up doing the art myself.

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New year, new baby, new nursery!

After the new year hit, it hit me that I have limited time to prepare for a New Baby! The girls will be sharing a room, and for the first time ever, I get to really decorate a real nursery! I’ve spent many nights, like tonight, staying up way too late, browsing the internet, looking at photos of nurseries for inspiration. I have seen some absolutely fantastic ideas. I’m also doing this on a budget, but every so often I can be pretty creative!

After changing my mind 600 times, I found a crib bedding set I love, on clearance at Target for just $27. Add the crib skirt for $7, and viola! Cheap bedding! I’ve been debating to get a 2nd crib or not, but Bethany is only a year old, and I don’t think she’ll be ready for a big girl bed for at least another 18 or so months. So I’ll be purchasing a 2nd set of crib bedding to match. Luckily, the cost won’t break the bank.

I haven’t even started the nursery-well, Dan just finished building an armoire for it, and I bought half the bedding, and I’ve thought about wall colors, but for now, nothing is done. I can’t wait to get started on it and share photos! For now though, the above photo is the bedding I bought (from the Target website. My crib looks nothing like that)!

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He speaks!

After several months of wondering if/when Daniel would ever speak, he’s officially talking too much! It’s great that he can correctly name each letter of the alphabet and knows the sound most of them make. He’s starting to recognize numbers (he can say them, but we’re still working on identifying them). He’s also become super bossy to Bethany, which at first was funny, but to be honest, it’s downright annoying now. My 3 year old son is playing Mommy!

The past week he has said a few laugh worthy things that I want to share.
Last week, I pulled up in the driveway of my in-laws house, where my husband was building an armoire with the help of his dad. I had the kids, food, and sodas, so I honked the horn to signal for my husband to come help me. Daniel, rather excitedly, said “Mommy, you’re barking! Why are you barking?!?!?!”

You know it’s going to be a good day when you’re morning starts out like this; I was cutting his hair, and he turned to me and said “you clean up nice Mommy.”

Just yesterday, I was making the kids lunch, and I looked at Bethany and told her “you are such a pretty girl Bethy.” Daniel decided to join in the conversation and told me “I’m such a pretty girl Mommy.”

Daniel also loves to do housework. Especially when I do housework and he critiques me. Almost every time I vacuum, Daniel follows me around and shows me the spots I’ve missed (spots I haven’t gotten to yet). He’ll even go so far as to pick things up off the floor, and throw them where I’ve just vacuumed. Then he grabs the broom and sweeps the To-Be-Vacuumed-Spots, and quickly sweeps them into the Just-Vacuumed spots. And people wonder why it appears I never get anything done?

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