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He speaks!

After several months of wondering if/when Daniel would ever speak, he’s officially talking too much! It’s great that he can correctly name each letter of the alphabet and knows the sound most of them make. He’s starting to recognize numbers (he can say them, but we’re still working on identifying them). He’s also become super bossy to Bethany, which at first was funny, but to be honest, it’s downright annoying now. My 3 year old son is playing Mommy!

The past week he has said a few laugh worthy things that I want to share.
Last week, I pulled up in the driveway of my in-laws house, where my husband was building an armoire with the help of his dad. I had the kids, food, and sodas, so I honked the horn to signal for my husband to come help me. Daniel, rather excitedly, said “Mommy, you’re barking! Why are you barking?!?!?!”

You know it’s going to be a good day when you’re morning starts out like this; I was cutting his hair, and he turned to me and said “you clean up nice Mommy.”

Just yesterday, I was making the kids lunch, and I looked at Bethany and told her “you are such a pretty girl Bethy.” Daniel decided to join in the conversation and told me “I’m such a pretty girl Mommy.”

Daniel also loves to do housework. Especially when I do housework and he critiques me. Almost every time I vacuum, Daniel follows me around and shows me the spots I’ve missed (spots I haven’t gotten to yet). He’ll even go so far as to pick things up off the floor, and throw them where I’ve just vacuumed. Then he grabs the broom and sweeps the To-Be-Vacuumed-Spots, and quickly sweeps them into the Just-Vacuumed spots. And people wonder why it appears I never get anything done?


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This made my day

Real Simple Magazine has a special Family edition on newstands right now.

I came across an article titled Hilarious Journal Entires from Teenagers.

The second one put a huge smile on my face.

“I hate Drake. I hate him with every bone in my body…Today we were playing in a tree and he tied me to the tree and he took my shoes. He took my shoes. It makes me so mad my pencil is shaking.”

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