Bethany-7 Month stats

Today Bethany is 7 months old so I thought I’d post a few of her stats

She weights nearly 17 pounds and is 28 inches long.
Depending on the brand of clothing she wears 3-6 months, or 9 months. She is in size 3 diapers.

She started rolling over at 3 months.

Her first tooth showed up just before 5 months, with her 2nd one coming in a week later (the bottom front two teeth).

She sat up unassisted at 6 months.

At 6 1/2 months she started trying to pull her self up onto things.

That same week she officially started crawling.

Now teeth #3 and #4 have made their way through the gums!

She eats EVERYTHING! Anything Daniel leaves behind Bethany will eat. I know that’s dangerous, but she is a pro with her teeth!

She laughs easily and laughs a lot. She sleeps about 12-13 hours at night and takes 2 naps a day. She’s always smiling and is generally very happy. She’s very curious and extremely bright.


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