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Today my mom and I took Daniel, and my niece Keilah to Disneyland. Technically, it was not Daniel’s first trip to Disneyland, but it was the first time he was able to enjoy it. And he had a blast! He only got fussy when he was tired of being in the stroller. Once we let him loose in Toontown he was great. He was exploring everything. Keilah had a great time too!


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New Toy!

Auntie Liz and Uncle Brett were just out here visiting from Texas, and they bought Daniel this belated birthday present. It’s a “play tent.” A 6 foot long tube, that can attach to additional tubes for more play space. Daniel has spent hours in this thing. The box says ages 3 and up, but my 16 month old is loving it. I think every toddler should have one!

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25; going on 45?

I hate it when you’re purchasing something and the cashier studies your selections, as though it’s any of his/her concern what you’re buying. Especially when what you are buying is personal.

Such was the case at Barnes & Noble the other night. I miss Borders, but I don’t live near one anymore.

I suppose the male cashier at B&N had a reason to look at my purchaes, then give me funny looks. I am only 25, and probably don’t look much older than 22 or 23. I don’t say that with bragging rights, it’s been kind of a curse. But I went to Barnes & Noble, headed straight for the magazine section, which is my favorite section at any store. I “fake” grocery shopping just so I can pick up a few new magazines. I grabbed the new Pregnancy and Newborn magazine, even though I’m not pregnant, and I don’t have a newborn, somehow I feel like having as much information as possible will get me pregnant sooner. It really won’t. Then I looked through the other family magazines, and grabbed Conceive Magazine, and Fertility Today, headed to the Fiction and Literature section, spent some time choosing two Michael Crichton books, then went to pay.

Seriously what has come over me? I have a 15 month old son, and I had a miscarriage. I don’t have infertility issues, I don’t need IVF, I’m 25 and have probably another 15 years left of possible baby making. What I really need here is a whole lot of patience. I’m sure if I had actually thought about why the cashier was giving me funny looks, I could have put back 80% of what I was buying and saved about $30.

I read those magazines from front to back, and I didn’t learn anything new.

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