Todays update

Today was a pretty great day!

It started out rough, I had been told I would get to breastfeed Addison, then I was running a few minutes late, and I called the NICU to let them know, gave them permission to give her a bottle if necessary, but ONLY if I’d still be allowed to try to nurse her.

When I get there she was still under the photo therapy lights, and they wouldn’t let me nurse her, or hold her for that matter!

I sat there crying, trying to figure out which staff member to let my anger out on. A nurse came in and finally let me nurse her!

It only took Addison about 2 minutes to latch on properly, which seemed long to me given that Bethany got it first try, but Addison is 5 days old and at that point, had only had one or two bottles, and hasn’t been held very much (which really makes me sad). She nursed great, and eventually fell asleep while comfort sucking. I held her like that for about 20 minutes.

She was very wide awake when we first got there, and just really wanted attention. She kept pulling her little eye protectors off and making screaming noises. Not obnoxious screaming, but just screams here and there to let us know she was not happy being in her cage.

I just called the NICU for the latest. She’s been off the photo therapy lights since 6 PM, feedings are going great, and they’ll hopefully increase tomorrow. They’ll do another blood check for jaundice in the morning, and hopefully those levels will be down.

I’ll go back to nurse her in the morning.

We still have no clue when she’ll be home. We get a different answer every time we ask, so it’s getting frustrating. It sounds like all that needs to happen now is everything remain stable, and her feedings increase, which makes me hopeful for Thursday. If it goes beyond that, we’ll probably put up a fight to get her out.

I’ve added new photos my online album, she’s getting more and more adorable. I think her eyes are blue, but it’s hard to tell. (They were still yellowish today due to jaundice). To me she looks a lot different from the other 2 kids. They looked exactly like Dan at birth, but I don’t see that in her. She also has a lot less cheek fat then the other 2 did, and unlike Bethany, her legs are long and thin.



  1. Simonn said

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Allie said

    Hey Camille! How are you and your little ones doing?! I deleted my FB so blogs are all I have now. 🙂 I hope you guys are doing well and I’ll keep checking back for posts.


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