Today was a great day!

There was much improvement today.

Addisons chest tube has been removed completely. That means she only has 2 lines in right now; the non-invasive ones in her umbilical cord. When I left the NICU this afternoon, the nurse was prepping to remove one of those lines.

They’ll attempt a bottle feeding tonight and see how she does on that (they need to see how much she takes and if she holds it down). Tomorrow I get to breastfeed!

She was very active today, but I was so sad because she really wanted to nurse! She kept kicking her legs and waving her arms, and wiggling around as much as she could. She was sticking her tongue out a lot in an effort to eat. I’m so glad tomorrow isn’t that far away!

If all goes well and as “planned” her oxygen will be shut off completely tonight. If she remains stable, bottle feeds and nurses well, and gains weight, we might be  bringing her home as early as Wednesday!


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