Pregnancy Update

Just a super fast pregnancy update: I am 36ish weeks pregnant and had a Dr. appointment today.

Due to my previous delivery, I’ve been scheduled for a c-section for the 31st of this month, but I’ve had a really hard time accepting a c-section. So today I talked to my doctor about my options for a natural delivery.

Turns out I’m 2 cm dilated, and she said she won’t force a c-section on me, ultimately it’s my decision, however there are risks involved. I’m hoping and praying that I go into labor within the next few days, because I’d feel comfortable going natural at this point.

If I make it to next week, I know the risks aren’t worth it, and I’ll carry on with the c-section plan. I know it’s not the end of the world, but after 2 natural deliveries, I’d hate to have a c-section if it can be avoided!


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