Blog Remodel

I’ve decided to move my blog over to wordpress, and try out some new things. I’ve had a blog for a couple years now, and lately I’ve been thinking about what I actually want in a blog.  I want my blog for the sake of easy updates for friends and family who have moved away (and those that are near, but we don’t talk as often enough), but also to share the things I love and enjoy. What are those things? The obvious is my kids. I love talking about them, they are pretty freaing adorable.

But I also just love things. Pretty thing, funny things, things that make my life easier, things I want, things that make me think, things that annoy me, anything I have an opinion about, I want, don’t want, think is a waste of time, an article I like, a thought I have, a project I’m doing, a project I want to do, arts and crafts, bettering my life…OK you get the idea! So you can expect more posts of my random finds and thoughts in the coming days!


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