I can’t help but question, why several of my Christian friends, who are also parents, voted for Barack Obama.

Every night I tuck my kids in to bed, and usually check on them 3 or more times a night. Every morning I get to wake up to their sweet innocent faces, relying on me to get them food, change their diapers, give them a bath, cuddle them, play with them, and look at me like I’m their hero. Everyday I pray I get many more days with them, and that all forms of harm stay away from them.

And everyday, I want to scream at the people I know who voted for Obama. No single person will ever end abortion. But Obama is only making it easier. I NEED to know, how you can tuck your own children in at night, give them a kiss, and not think about the fact that you just voted into office someone who doesn’t care about these innocent unborn babies. Sure, he might do great and wonderful things, he might be so smart, he might have great policies, but he is HELPING to deny women a chance at this love. Whether it’s their biological child, or an adopted mother who couldn’t have children of her own. This is a man who is more than willing to deny these rights to mothers every where. And a man who is willing to deny LIFE to kids.

And it makes me sick to my stomach, that many Christian people I know, were more than happy to vote him into office.

So when you tuck your kids into bed tonight, please think about the babies YOU helped to vote out of life! And think about how much you celebrated when Obama won. And please ask yourself, “Is God happy that I’ve just voted away the lives of millions of innocent babies?”

I’m not angry, just sick to my stomach. Sick to my stomach that people I know voted for Obama, sick to my stomach that millions of babies have and will be denied a chance at life. Sick to my stomach they had to feel pain because their mothers had them killed for various reasons. Sick to my stomach that people think this is OK. I’m so thankful for the life I feel kicking inside of me. I’m sad for the 2 babies I lost before I ever got to meet them, but it was Gods choice to take them away, not mine. I didn’t have them murdered. And I certainly didn’t use the tax payers dollar to have it done.

(P.S. For the sake of brutality, I was going to post a few photos of aborted babies. But when I googled the images, I started bawling my eyes out. So I decided to spare the rest of you, even though you have no problem voting for a man who doesn’t care to spare their lives).



  1. Christine said

    I’m a mother, and I was lucky enough to be raised in an environment of love and education. I made the choice for when to have my son. While sex is often a choice, the mental faculties for dealing with decisions and consequences is not always fully formed, or rightly formed depending on your upbringing. Sometimes people make bad decisions; sometimes they’re just plain unlucky.

    Pro-Choice does not = Pro Abortion. I am Pro Choice and I would be so happy if not one abortion was performed – Ever. Because that would mean that women are ready for everything that comes with children, that they can take care of themselves, and are in control of their own lifes.

    I challenge the anti-abortion groups to come up with a real solution for how they would deal with the aftermath of outlawing abortions: back alley abortions, scores of children given up for adoption, increased abuse at the hands of unwilling parents, overpopulation, poverty, etc.

    In an ideal world, all children would be wanted, loved and cared for; but we do not live in this world. For now, I trust a woman to make the decision for herself.

  2. can I get an AMEN sister! I TOTALLY agree with you!

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