In addition…

Regarding my previous blog entry, I feel like I didn’t emphasize something enough.

I am in favor of a law that would require aborted-but-lived babies to have medical attention, and to be cared for as best as possible, however, I would prefer to see and end to abortion and have it outlawed completely. I wish the moms of those babies would give the unwanted babies up for adoption.

They may be unwanted by one, but they are wanted by many more.


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  1. MamaRissa said

    These last two posts of yours are great! They are clear, concise and very thought-provoking.

    I happen to be in complete agreement with you, but I can tell that others, who may have otherwise doubted before reading your post, will definitely have some things to think over!

    I really admire your straight-forwardness and your willingness to speak out on such an important, rarely talked-about issue! Nice work! đŸ™‚

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