The Williams Cousins

Liz is in town with Georgia, and they stopped by for a couple hours today. It’s so fun to watch babies interact. Georgia was born 5 weeks before Bethany. About 5 minutes before they came over, Bethany decided to start actual crawling. She’s been cruising around the room using her own methods, and I’m surprised she wasn’t crawling earlier. Oh well, as of today, she crawls.

Georgia pulls herself up without effort, and is starting to cruise while holding onto things. She’s a few pounds smaller then Bethany, but that’s expected considering Bethany was a 10 pound baby.

Bethany has her 3rd tooth coming in right now. The bottom front two have been here for almost 2 months, but now she has a top tooth (2nd to left…not front) about to poke through the gums any day now. I think I can see the whites of a few other teeth, so I guess she’ll have a mouth full just like Daniel. Although when Daniel was this age, he had 7 teeth already (yes 7! this kid had 2 teeth before he was 4 months old!)

Here are some photos of Bethany and Georgia. I tried to get some of Daniel but he was too busy showing off trying to get attention, so he wouldn’t sit still or face the camera.



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