Daniels (almost) 17 month update

I thought I should give a little update about Daniel and his developments. Daniel will be 17 months on the 10th of this month. He still doesn’t walk, although he can, it just isn’t his preferred method of transportation. He has this silly crawl, if you can call it that, where he has one foot flat on the ground, knees bent, in a kneeling position, and then he drags the other leg behind him. I actually tried to imitate this the other day, and its very painful, I have no clue why he does this!

He has 16 teeth, we haven’t seen any new ones for almost 3 months, and I’m enjoying the teething break.

He is enjoying learning new words, his favorite seems to be “hi!” with a backwards wave (waving with his palm opening and closing facing himself). He doesn’t talk in sentences, but is enjoying repeating words he hears often. He has been saying “mommy/mama/mum” since 8 months, and added “dada/daddy” to that about 2 months later. But now he’ll say “coo coo” imitating the clock at my parents house, he says “thank you” and “poo poo” which I accidently taught him when changing his diaper. The other day we took him to a park with a lake and ducks, and after I said “duckies” a few times, he started repeating it back. When he tries to say his name, it comes out as “Naniel.”

He is enjoying trying to play catch, hiding from us under a blanket, while we ask “where’s Daniel?” and he loves toys that make noise. (He enjoys banging on the piano when we take him to “Mimi’s and Papa’s house”). He loves swinging on the swings at the park, and is starting to enjoy sliding down the slide on his own. He also loves the water, so hopefully I’ll get him in a swimming class when the weather is hot enough.

Daniel is absolutely fearless of dogs, which is probably both good and bad, but I wish we had one for him to play with.

As always, he is so much fun and he makes Dan and I laugh daily!


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