Mumma’s boy no more?

Daniel has been in a “mama’s boy” stage for a few months, which is fine with me, and really very cute for the most part. But every so often, I’d love some room to breathe. On those extra clingy days, I breathe a huge sigh of relief when I hear Dan walk through the garage door, and I give Daniel to him, then try to sneak upstairs without Daniel noticing. It usually doesn’t take Daniel long to figure out where I am, and within 5 minutes of disappearing, I can hear him crawling up the stairs, exaggerating each movement by pounding on the next step as he progresses. “Mumma, mumma…MUM!” he’ll be calling out, (we aren’t British, and we’ve never lived in England, but for some reason mum’s the word around here) until he reaches the second story, and stops there, to stare into the office where I am at my computer, then I look back and his face lights up with a huge smile, and suddenly he sprint crawls full force to me, as though he hasn’t seen me in days.

This week Dan has had a major deadline at work, so he’s been working longer hours (leaving early, coming home late), and Daniel seemed to notice his absence. Dan was able to leave work at a reasonable hour, so we took Daniel to my parents house, and then went on a dinner date, just the two of us. When we got back Daniel was happily playing with the letter and number magnets my parents keep on the dishwasher. My 2 year old nephew, Joshua, was sitting there playing with him. We stood there observing the 2 kids, Joshua who likes to arrange the symbols in color coordinated groups, and Daniel, who wants nothing more then the magnets to be off the dishwasher…and as fast as possible. (This is very upsetting to Joshua). Daniel didn’t notice we were there until Dan cheered him on with a loud “Yeah!” Without looking up, Daniel scooted over to the sound of Dans voice, his legs in a “V” shape on the ground in front of him, never changed positions, never lifted his legs or butt off the ground, but somehow in seconds he managed to scoot his way to Dan. Once at his feet he bowed down, and we stood there, fully prepared for him to start kissing Dan’s feet. Dan picked Daniel up, and immediately Daniel clung to him, still not noticing me.

I tried to kiss his face, to let him know I was there, but as soon as my face met his, he pushed it away. Then laughed at me. Not a giggle. He literally said “haha!” This quickly turned into a game, of both of my parents and my older sister trying to kiss his face, and each time, he put up a hand, pushed the face away, and hollered “haha!”

It looks like I’ll be getting more breathing room in the near future, as he is starting to cling to his dad.

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